2018 College Tour

We had an amazing time on our 2017 College Tour! 2018 will be here before you know it and we look forward to next year’s College Tour, March 18-24. More information coming soon.

  • Why take a college tour?

    “Visiting colleges is an excellent way to weed through the propaganda and objectively learn about the campus atmosphere, the students, the environment and location of the colleges that you are considering.”

    ~ Christine Szczepanski, Co-Founder, College Admissions Services, Inc.

  • What are the benefits of going on a college tour?

    • Students are twice as likely to fully matriculate through college if they have taken a tour of the campus prior to attending.
    • Students are able to experience aesthetics of the campus environment to determine level of comfort
    • Students who visit college campus are more likely to apply and attend their prospective college
    • Students are able to determine if the personal interactions on the campus meet their preconceived notions.
  • What will we be doing on tour?

    While on one of our college tours you can expect to:

    • Take a guided tour of the college campuses
    • Meet with Faculty
    • Meet with Admissions and Financial Aid counselors.
    • Talk to current students
  • What is included on the tour?

    • Transportation
    • Hotel Accomodations
    • Breakfast and Lunch
    • Tour Backpack
    • Tour Tee-Shirt
    • Tour workbook/Journal