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2019 College Tour

Registration is now open for our 2019 College Tour! We had an amazing time on our 2018 College Tour!, you don’t want to miss this year’s event. Visit the Participants page on the menu for more details.

Why should someone go to college?

Many people think that the reason to earn a degree is to secure a good job, however, the process of earning a degree does so much more than that. College is an experience. It is a time and place where a person can have a trial run at many different areas of life, whether that is government, social action, entrepreneurial, cultural or international.

When should I start preparing for college?

It is important to understand that a student’s college application begins 9th grade. GPA, strength of classes, extracurricular activities and even a student’s interests are all impacted by what happens in 9th grade. It is important that a student begins exploring their interests, volunteering for various organizations that coincide with those interests, and accumulating as high of a GPA as possible.

What is so special about going to college?

College is a place where the world opens up and a person will have opportunities to do things he or she otherwise would not be able to do. One of the benefits of going to college is having the ability to use education as a reason to travel. There are programs that will pay for a student to study in various places, whether it is across the country or the world.

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