Do you consider yourself to be resourceful? This skill can mean the difference between Graduating with minimal debt or with over $60,000 worth of debt. Acquiring this skill is not hard, all it takes is a little desire and time. If you dedicate three hours a week to locating information related to your educational future, you will gain a tremendous amount of resources.

Here on our resources page we give you a headstart. We have compiled resources that anyone can access. Some sites are free of charge others want a fee to use them. But rest assure that these sites can help you find Scholarships, help you pick a college or university and much more.

We also encourage you to use your local library as a resource. Many have SAT and ACT prep books, annual college rankings from various institutions like US News and Barron’s, plus you will find several books on scholarships.


What is the difference between a Community or Junior College, a Traditional College, and a University?

A Community College sometimes referred to as a Junior College mainly offers Associate or 2-year degrees. However, some Community Colleges or Junior colleges offer some Bachelors or 4-year Degrees. The requirement to be accepted to a Community College is usually having a high school Diploma.
A Traditional College offers only the Bachelors or 4-year degrees. The requirements to be accepted into a Traditional College vary from institution to institution but a Grade point average, SAT or ACT scores and High School Diploma are required.
A University offers everything a Traditional College does with similar requirements to be accepted, but a University also offers Masters, Philosophy of Doctorate (PhD) and Professional (Law, Medical, Dentistry, etc.) degrees.

How can The Center One Foundation help an individual student?

The Center’s Path to Dreams Program was designed to address the needs of individual students in their quest to go to college.

How do I apply for financial aid?

To apply for financial aid you must fill out your Federal Application For Student Aid (FASFA). Go to to begin your application.

What is financial aid?

Financial aid is ANY money that is used to pay for your college education that IS NOT coming directly out of your or your family’s pockets. There are four types of Financial Aid: Loans, Grants, Scholarship and Work Study.

What is considered a good GPA?

A good GPA is a relative term. Think of a GPA as being competitive instead of good or bad. A 3.0 and above are usually considered competitive.

When is the best time to prepare for college?

It is never to early to begin preparing for college, but the optimal time is your 9th grade year.

How do I apply to College?

Each college and university has a different application process. Be prepared to give demographic information, Test scores, GPA and activities you participate in.

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