Meeting with UABThe path to college can seem large and complicated, but we have broken it down to for you. Our Path to Dreams program is crafted to address the individual needs, concerns and situations of each participant of the program. It is designed to be a continuous support while a student matriculates through high school. A path to dream consultant will provide a consistent stream of encouragement through one-on-one sessions that empowers each participant through the process.

Participants will meet with their consultant once a month. Following an in-depth curriculum, they will monitor and plan the participants’ academics as well as have discussions about that will lead to self exploration, provide clarification of the types of colleges and universities, teach how to effectively search for scholarships, and many more activities to help participants find and choose the right college or university for them.

At the completion of this program participants will have the knowledge, confidence and Self Efficacy to apply for scholarships and to any college or university of their choice.

A path to dreams participant will be EmpoweredConfidentFocusedSuccessful, and Strategic. The thinking of a participant in the Path to Dreams program will be from a position of empowerment. They will look at a difficult situation and find ways to overcome it instead of ways to be defeated.

  • Freshman Year

    This is the beginning of your audition for college. This is the year you begin to have a GPA. So Start it off High.

  • Sophomore Year

    How well did you do the year before? The answer to that question will dictate what you will have to do this year. Your Sophomore year is the best year to significantly boost your GPA.

  • Junior Year

    Many think that next year is the last chance to work on their GPA before applying to a college. But the reality of it is that you apply for college in the Fall of your Senior year, BEFORE 1st semester grades are done. This is the last year that Colleges and Universities will be able to look at on your application.

  • Senior Year

    Do not slack off during this year. acceptance letters can be conditional. If you do not maintain your academic standard during this year a college can deny you admittance. Stay focused and apply to all of the colleges and scholarships you can.