Being innovative is one of the many ways we can tailor ourselves to fit our clients’ needs. We have developed workshops that are designed to empower participants when meeting the challenges of preparing for college. Each workshop was created to have specific outcomes for grades 9th-12th. After each workshop participants will have a clear understanding of the strategic importance of their current school year. They will walk away with at least five take-a-ways that will help them throughout the school year. Our four main workshops are as follows:


Freshman workshop –  Fresh Start
Sophomore workshop – Second Chance
Junior workshop – Jump
Senior workshop – Send Off

Our four workshops are not the end.  If there is a workshop that a group would like to have in regards to college prep or even career prep, The Center, One Foundation can and will develop workshops that fit the needs and desired outcomes of our clients. We are focused on the success of each participant.

Workshop Success

Mr. McCoy was an amazing speaker, he answered all my questions before i had even asked them. I would definitely recommend anyone that has any questions about scholarships to him. He really knows what he’s talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

S. Johnson

Nelson McCoy is a blessing to have met. His workshop is full of amazing information. As a senior in high school the information provided to use was very useful. The information wasn’t boring or nor was it a waste of time. I want to thank him for coming out twice to see use at First Coast High School. He is truly a blessing.

S. Mines

It was really nice. I had question and all of them were answered during the session. Mr.McCoy was really nice and i was able to understand what he was saying the whole time. He never made anything to difficult to understand. My experience was very good.

S. Lane

Being a high graduate and the only one that plans on going to college in 3 generations, I really don’t have a lot of experience with applying for scholarships. Mr. McCoy came out and gave me some very helpful information, it was very detailing and informative. I’m very thankful and appreciative of the information he’s provided

T. Mallory

The experience I had today was really helpful. It gave me insight on how to successfully find scholarships and how to handle it if there was ever a problem to keep the scholarship. Thanks Mr. McCoy

T. Ford