Why is there a need for The Center?

We believe that the more educational opportunity a person has the higher the chance that a person will create a more enjoyable life. It is well documented the more education a person has the more likely they are to be positive contributing citizens, have better health, have greater wealth and be more involved in their community. The Center, One Foundation was created to help increase the number of people with education beyond high school.

What is The Center, One Foundation?

The Center One Foundation is a non-profit that provides Holistic College Prep services to high school students.  We go beyond test scores and GPA’s to prepare a student to become the best candidate for the college or university of their choice.  We do not stop there, as we know the other half of the coin is matriculating through college, so we empower students with the tools and resources to continue funding their education as well as finding programs that will eliminate any other barriers that may hinder a student’s progress.

Who operates The Center?

A compilation of education professionals that range from current and former teachers to afterschool program managers to director of a Physical Education program form the board of The Center, One Foundation. Each bringing a specific specialty and set of organizational skills to the organization. Collectively The Board has over 20 year of experience getting children to college and over 25 years in the education field. Keeping up with the trends of education, The Center is well equiped to coach and prepare students to be successful in college and beyond.