Angelina V. Bartley

As a first generation college student, I grew up in a home where college was a topic that was not brought up often. I knew I was going but I had no one steering me in the direction to make sure that I got there. Under Mr. McCoy’s mentoring and leadership I had all the resources I needed to give me that drive to want to go to college and to do what I needed to do to get there. He would take us on field trips to different colleges such as EWC, UNF, and UF which provided us with the exposure that some of us needed. He would make sure that we had properly registered for important test like the SAT and ACT and that we kept our grades in good standing. Not only did Mr. McCoy prepare us for college, he prepared us for the professional world as well. We would have meetings where we discussed the differences between business casual and business professional, proper preparation for an interview and all the do’s and dont’s when in a professional setting. I am now a 4th year Food Science student at Florida A&M University and much of my success, thus far, is due to the inspiration and motivation given to me by Mr. McCoy.

Angelina V. Bartley, Florida A&M University, Senior