Lester and Simone’ Beans Parents

Nelson McCoy is a rare individual and the work that he does on behalf of children in Duval county is priceless. Mr. McCoy came into our children’s lives at a pivotal point in their high school career. Our twin daughters were looking for scholarship opportunities and trying to galvanize their decisions regarding their majors. Nelson introduced them to three “P”‘s…People, Possibilities & Punctuality.

First, he introduced them to “people” (students) who were now in college and who were successfully completing their chosen field of study. For example, Mr. McCoy provided time for the girls to meet with a dynamic young woman attending Howard University who was preparing to begin an internship at Oxford University in England. This young lady was so honest and transparent in her advice and she really helped to open our daughters’ eyes to the “possibilities” that lay before them. One of our daughter’s is considering a career in international law, so Mr. McCoy provided an opportunity for her to meet a local attorney. She was able to pose questions and then to hear ways that she could prepare herself for law school and beyond.

Other “possibilities” that Nelson provided was requiring that the girls find their own scholarships. We met every Sunday for weeks at the downtown library researching local, regional and national scholarships. This dedication paid off as they both received several local scholarships and both received full scholarships to their college of choice: Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee.

Lastly, he taught them the value of punctuality. Nelson was always on time for every meeting and demanded the same from us. Again, it’s a rarity to find someone with such dedication, creativity and desire to see others succeed.

We sincerely thank Mr. McCoy for all that he’s done for our daughters and wish him success in all his future endeavors.

Lester and Simone’ Beans, Parents